Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Guidelines

Dietary Guidelines - Eating Instructions - Diet Instructions - Dieting | Tips on - Find TipsAt least have 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Never skip meals and maintain regular meal timings. It is better to have small and frequent meals than a few large ones. Try not to sleep immediately after a meal. Try to eat slowly, savoring each bite as you go along. Avoid oily and high fat foods. Include salads and vegetables in each meal.

Some useful instructions
Use only 500ml of oil per month per person. This amounts to about 3-4 teaspoons of oil per day. Also use some amount of olive oil in cooking. Drink at least 4 to 4.5 litres of water daily. This is very important to keep you think. It also helps to keep your face clear and increases your complexion. Always bank on healthy beverage options like lime juice, buttermilk, clear soups, green tea, vegetable juices, tender coconut water etc. Never bank on aerated drinks.

Try and avoid processed foods as far as possible. eg. Pickle, canned food, ketchups, jams, jellies, canned soups and juices and other ready to eat foods. Include 2 servings of fruit and salad everyday. Include protein rich foods like milk and milk products (use skimmed milk), sprouts, pulses and egg whites are very important in your diet.

Try including sprouts at least thrice a week. Include at least 4 servings of leafy vegetable in a week. Do not use too much coconut in the food preparation. Reduce on the use of papad and other stuff even if they are roasted.

You can choose to eat tandoori roti and other stuff in place of butter naan and hence control your intake of oily stuff.

By following all these things you will remain thin, your cholesterol will be optimal and you will lead a healthy and fit life.

Exercising is another important thing to do, to be fit in life. What are you waiting for? Start your regime now only.

Read the article food alternatives for a perfect diet. It gives a lot of alternative options to oily and fatty food. It tells a lot about the right way of cooking and eating.

These are some of the best guidelines given by dietitians.

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