Difference Between LED TV and LCD TV

Difference Between LED TV and LCD TV

Difference Between LED TV and LCD TV - LED TV and LCD TV - WhatLED TVs are the new breed of televisions that have arrived in the market. LED TVs are somewhat similar to LCD TVs. However, the innovative backlighting feature has made LED TV an advanced version of LCD television models. The LCD panels of LED TVs are lighted by Light Emitting Diodes.


Compared to the conventional LCD TV, LED TVs have better contrast ratio. One of the major drawbacks of LCD TV is that to create the dark areas of the images on the screen, the crystals have to twist to block the backlight. This causes loss of image detail by reducing the contrast ratio. LED TVs through the local dimming effect produces better black areas by dimming the backlight behind dark areas. This produces better contrast and more detailed image in the dark areas.


There is not much difference in the quality of color in both the TVs. However, LED TVs, with a color or the RGB colored light technology, can manipulate the backlight to capture accurate colors of the image.

Viewing angles

In LCD TVs, the contrast ratio of the image diminished at wider viewing angles, beyond thirty degrees away from the center. However, LED TVs do not have this disadvantage. LED TVs are able to match the viewing angle of plasma TVs.


Sizes of LCD TVs range from 15inches to 65 inches. LED TVs are currently available between 46inches and 70inches.

Video playback

LED TVs have faster response rate time. Therefore, motion lag problem have been resolved with LED technology. Similarly, in fast action video, blurring of images do not occur.


LED TVs consume more power than LCD TVs. Therefore, the tradeoff seems to be between economizing your energy bill and better picture quality.

Sony, Samsung and Philips have launched LED TV models. Similar to LCD monitors, LED screens do not have screen burn-in problem, and are therefore, suitable for computer use.

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