Different kind of exercises for back

Different kind of exercises for back

Different kind of exercises for back - Upper Back Exercise - Middle Back Exercises | Tips on - Find TipsIt is very important for you to give strength to your entire back. Back is almost involved in all important power moves and for that you need a strong and powerful back. We have different kind of exercise for upper, middle and lower back.

Upper Back exercises:

1. Chin-ups:

It is number one muscle mass build exercise, when it comes to upper back.

Hang on a chin up bar with overhand grip, then pull yourself up and bring your chest up to the bar and hold for a moment. Now go all the way down, get good stretch at the bottom of this exercise.
You can perform as many reps as possible for 3-5 sets.

2. Lat Pull downs:

With an overhand grip hold the lat pull down machine bar, then sit on the machine seat and lock your knees. Now keeps your upper back straight pull the bar down and bring it up to the chest.

Perform this movement using your back. Release the bar in controlled motion and stretch your back as much as possible.
You will do, wide grip behind the neck pull-downs and close grip pull downs for variation.

Other upper back exercises:

Barbell shrugs, dumbbell shrugs and upright rows.

Middle Back Exercises:

1. Seated cable rows:

Sit on a seated cable pulley machine with knees slightly bent. Hold the handles with your extended arms and stretched back. Now pull the handles and come as close to the lower chest or abdomen. Thrust your chest out while pulling with your body in upright position.
Keep your back straight all the times.

2. T- Bar rows:

Stand on a T-bar machine, hold his handles, and keep your feet together and knees slightly bent. Now lift the bar and touches your chest while keeping your back staraight. Slowly lower the bar until it reaches his starting point.

Other middle back exercises:

Barbell rows and one arm dumbbell rows.

Lower Back exercises:

1. Bent over barbell rows:

Stand with a narrow stance and hold a bar with overhand grip. Bend down slightly and the bar hangs in front of you. Now use your back and raise the bar until it touches the abdominal region. Lower the bar and get back to the starting position.
Do not use more weight.

2. Hyperextensions:

Lie on an hyperextension bench and hook your legs under support, let your body be parallel to the ground. Now put your hands behind your neck and bend down through your waist until you reach a 90 degree bend, and then return to the starting position.
Avoid hyperextension beyond your body level.

Other lower back exercises: Deadlifts, good mornings and stiff leg deadlifts.

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