Different Types of Alzheimer’s Disease

Different Types of Alzheimer’s Disease

Different Types of Alzheimer’s Disease - Early Onset Alzheimers - Cure AlzheimerAlzheimer ’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder of the brain cells. It develops slowly and gradually and takes almost three to eighteen years for the symptoms to appear death. It is usually seen in people above 60-65 years old and rarely in people of 40 to 50 years. It starts with a difficulty to recollect the recent past and by the end they won’t recognize themselves and the environment they live in. The disease happens due to the presence of plaques that develops in between the nerve cells and the tangles inside the nerve cells.

Types of Alzheimer’s disease
There are three different types of Alzheimer’s disease. They are :

1. Early Onset Alzheimer’s

This type of Alzheimer’s is commonly seen in people below 65 years old. It is also considered as a premature aging. This is a rare type of Alzheimer’s and it contributes only 10% to the population of the Alzheimer’s disease patients. People having Downy syndrome are at high risk of having early onset Alzheimer’s. People having early onset Alzheimer’s have more abnormalities than others. It is considered as a defect in the gene on chromosome No 14. Early onset Alzheimer’s is associated with a condition called myoclonus which results in muscular spasms and twitching.

2. Late Onset Alzheimer’s

It is also called sporadic Alzheimer’s and affects people above 65 years old. It contributes to 90% to the population of the Alzheimer’s disease patients. Almost half of the people above 85 years are enduring with this type of Alzheimer’s. This type of Alzheimer’s is not always hereditary. The lifestyle, toxins and environment factors may affect the gene and cause late onset Alzheimer’s.

3. Familial Alzheimer’s

This is a genetically inherited Alzheimer’s disease and is the rare type of Alzheimer’s. It is seen in almost 1% of the patients and they are affected at their forty sot fifties and some times at thirties also. This is due to a default gene in chromosome 1, 14 or 21. There are no means to cure this disease. We can only slow down the progress of the disease.

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