Different Types of Aquarium Fish

Different Types of Aquarium Fish

Different Types of Aquarium Fish - Aquarium Fish - Fish for Your Aquarium - Categories Of Aquarium Fish | Tips on - Find TipsThere are so many different varieties of fish that you can choose for your aquarium. Before purchasing fish for your aquarium,you should know every detail of the fish. While choosing a particular fish specie, you should know how big the fish would grow. A large fish is not suitable for a small tank.

You should also inquire about the temperament of the particular species, whether they are friendly or aggressive to other fish species. It is imperative to know about the feeding habit of the fish, whether it preys on other smaller fish. The pH, hardness and temperature of the aquarium should be close to the natural environment of the fish.

Types of Aquarium fish

Fish species can be divided according to their temperaments into three categories – community fish, semi-aggressive fish and non-community fish.

Community Fish

Community fish are best suited for any aquarium. These fish species peacefully share the tank with others. Molly, Guppy, Platy, Neon Tetra, barbs, labyrinth fish are some examples of community fish species.

Semi-aggressive fish

Semi-aggressive fish can live together with similar species, but they might be disturbing to smaller species. Most semi-aggressive species, such as the Rainbow Shark or the Red Tailed Shark can survive peacefully with only another similar fish species. Some semi-aggressive variety, such as the Tiger Barb nip fins of other fish. Angelfish, Dragon fish, catfish Fire Eel are some examples of semi-aggressive fish.

Non-community fish

The large territorial fish fall in the non-community fish category. They can share the aquarium with fish of the same kind. Tiger Oscars, Piranha, Cobalt Zebra and several catfish species belong to this category.


There are large varieties of catfish. Some catfish species are semi-aggressive, whereas others belong to the non-community fish category. These fish species do not have scales.


These fish species belong to the community fish category. Tetras, pencilfish, hatchetfish belong to this category. However, piranhas, which also belong to this category, are an aggressive species.


This vibrant colored fish are suitable for most aquariums. However, owing to their territorial nature, they are unable to share the tank with other species.


These tropical and cold-water fish are popular aquarium fish. They are easy to maintain. Gold fish belong to this category.

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