Different Types of Cat Foods

Different Types of Cat Foods

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Cats like all other animals require a balanced diet for being healthy. They require carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, fats and minerals in their daily food. Cats prefer palatability in their food but they can’t live with animal food only. If you are planning to add human food to your cat’s diet then must ask your veterinarian. Otherwise many of the healthy human foods may create problems to your cat. Raw egg which is found to be healthy for human being is found to cause biotin deficiency in cats and there by causes skin inflammation, hair loss and poor growth. The most important part of the cat food is dry cat food. A veterinarian can help you in setting your cat’s diet.

Different Types of Cat Foods

1. Dry Cat Food

Dry foods are hygienic and convenient to use than any other food types. It is also called kibble. Dry foods give a good exercise to cat’s mouth and teeth and it also decreases the building up of the tartar in the teeth. It is a mixture of proteins, vegetables, cereals, meat by products, vegetable proteins along with other essential minerals and vitamins. It includes around 10% water also. Dry cat food is affordable to common people.

2. Semi-Moist Food

Semi- Moist foods are not considered as a primary source to meet the nutrition of the balanced diet but they are regarded as a good supplement to the diet of the cat. They are rich in proteins and contain 25-30 % water also. Even though these foods looks like meat they are actually made of cereals, soy and by products of meat.

3. Canned Food

Canned foods are less nutritious as it contains lot of water ie almost 80% is water. More over they are expensive too. Cats that are fed with canned foods have a tendency to eat too much and may result in over weight. Canned food won’t give much exercise to the teeth and won’t clean the teeth.

Cat food are available in different flavors of chicken, beef, lamb etc. a good cat food contains more meat than other products and it will also contains less ash content. Cat foods are also available according to the age of the cat so that it can meet the requirements of the cat correctly.

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