Different Types of Eyeliners

Different Types of Eyeliners

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Eye is one of the most important organs of human body and it affects the personality of a person. Extreme care must be taken with the eyes as they are the most delicate part of your body. Eyeliner is an unavoidable accessory of a women’s beauty kit because it helps to pop up the eyes. There are a number of brands of eyeliners available in the market. Eyeliners are available in almost all colors. There are different types of eye liners which can be used in different weather conditions. While choosing eyeliner you must consider the shape and color of your eyes. Also take in to account the weather conditions.

Types of Eyeliners

1. Kohl Eyeliner

Kohl eyeliners are the traditional eye make up used in India and Egypt. It is practiced from the Bronze Age. This is a black thick ointment used to apply around the eyes and it gives the appearance of larger eyes. It is easy to paint and it slides easily over the eyes.

2. Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eyeliners are popular as they are easy to control. They are hard and won’t get spread easily. It won’t create an accurate look but it’s more natural. It has to be sharpened and warmed in hands prior to application. While applying pencil eyeliner, instead of a continuous single line practice little strikes because it will reduce the pulling of the eye lid. Pencil eyeliner will last for almost three years, but it is suggested to change your make up accessories in every six months to avoid infections.

3. Felt Tip Eyeliner

They are easy to control and can use them as pens. You can make sketches of desired look easily. They will slide easily over the eyelid with out applying any pressure.

4. Liquid Eyeliner

It needs good practice to apply liquid eyeliner with out smudging. They will create clear and bright lines. Use dark colors on the upper eyelid and soft colors on the lower eyelid as the dark color on the lower eyelid will enhance the dark circles of the eyes.

5. Gel Eyeliner

They are the new eyeliners available in the shops. They are thick textured and are applied with stiff angled brush. Dip the brush in to the gel and apply it carefully over the eyes. It is available in almost all colors.

6. Cream Eyeliner

They are dark colored cream eye shadows having the same consistency of the eye shadow. It is available in all colors and is perfect for smoky eyes.

7. Cake Eyeliners

Cake eyeliners are earlier used by make up artists but now it is common in the market. It is used by adding little water to the cake.

A choose of a perfect eyeliner will give you a better impression.

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