Different Types of Medical Insurance Plans

Different Types of Medical Insurance Plans

Different Types of Medical Insurance Plans - Medical Insurance Plans - Types of Insurance Plans - Types of Health Insurance | Tips on - Find TipsAlthough, we always try to stay physically fit, but sudden illnesses could not be ruled out. To meet the unforeseen medical expenditure, we purchase medical insurance policy. The person who buys the medical insurance is required to pay the insurance company insurance premiums at regular interval. Subsequently the insurance company, also known as the insurer, pays the expenses incurred by the policyholder when needed.

Medical expenses that are only specified in the plan document will be covered by the insurance policy. Hospitalization costs, costs of various examination, cost of medicinal drugs are generally covered by an insurance plan.

There are different categories of insurance plans.

Individual Medical Insurance

Individual medical insurance plans cover losses incurred by an individual.

Group Medical Insurance

Group medical insurance policies are purchased for the benefit of employees of a company or society. A single master policy covers the medical expenses incurred by an entire group. The insurance premiums on group plans are lower than premium paid on individual plans.

Travel Medical Insurance

Travel medical insurance is beneficial for both frequent as well as occasional travelers. If you fall suddenly ill or meet with an accident while traveling, your travel medical insurance will come handy in meeting your medical expenses. Travel medical insurance plans can be bought for five days to up to a year. General illnesses, emergencies and accidents are covered by general plans. However, expensive insurance policies will cover costs of evacuation, repatriation and even sudden death.

Medical Insurance Cost

With rapid rise in medical expenditure, the medical insurance plans are also not coming cheap. To cover higher health related risks, an individual is required to pay high insurance premium. However, there are only two options of acquiring a cheap medical insurance. You can either enroll for a group medical insurance or buy a cheap plan that covers few risks. While buying a medical insurance plan you should emphasize on the inclusion of risks that you are most likely to face. This is undoubtedly an extremely difficult decision to take.

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