Different Types of MP3 Players

Different Types of MP3 Players

Different Types of MP3 Players - Types of MP3 players - Major Types of MP3 Players - How to Buy MP3 | Tips on - Find TipsAfter the advent of iPods, MP3 players have perhaps taken a back stage. However, this device is still used by many people around the world. You will come across different types of MP3 players.

The major types of MP3 players are:

Hard Drive based MP3 players

These heavier MP3 players might not appear as attractive as the sleek MP3 models. However, the greatest advantage of this model is their large storage capacity. Their built-in hard drive is capable of storing more than 10GB data. These models consume more power than other MP3 player models. This requires frequent recharging of its battery. A fully charged battery generally lasts between 8 to 20 hours, depending on the span of their use.

Micro Hard Drive based MP3 players

These MP3 players are similar to hard drive based MP3 players. But they are smaller, making them the preferred model that could accompany you while exercising or walking. It has a lower data storage capacity than the larger hard drive based models. Micro hard drive based models has up to 6GB storage capacity.

Flash memory based MP3 players

This is the sleekest MP3 model. These compact flash memory based MP3 models are not only the smallest MP3 model, but also their batteries have a longer time span than the above hard drive based MP3 models. However, the flash memory based MP3 players are unsuitable for individuals who want to store a large music collection. The standard flash memory based models are capable of storing between 32MB and 2GB of data.

MP3 CD players

If you want to buy a cheap MP3 model, opt for a MP3 CD player. These models are a new version of CD players, which are capable of playing MP3 files. However, their large sizes make them least portable than the other MP3 player models.

Hybrid Players

Instead of buying a stand-alone MP3 player, you can opt for DVD players or smart phones, which have MP3 incorporated in them, for a stimulating musical experience.

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