Different Types of Old Garden Roses

Different Types of Old Garden Roses

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Roses are the most beautiful flowers in a garden. Their beauty and fragrance makes them special always. There are a large number of varieties of roses in the world and they are classified in to three basic groups. The basic groups of roses are Wild/ Species Roses, Old Garden Roses and Modern Garden Roses.

Old Garden Roses

Old garden roses are developed from wild / species Roses. Old Garden Roses are roses before 1867. In 1867 the first hybrid rose “La France” was developed. Old Garden Roses are available in almost all colors and they grow to a height of 12 inches to 50 feet. The major types included in this are

1. Alba: – It is supposed to be a cross between Rosa Canina and Rosa Gallica which are wild roses. It’s a tall plant with dense upright form. It is disease resistant and hardy with blue gray leaves.

2. Bourbon: – This is a cross between Old Bush China rose and Autumn Damask. It grows up to a height of 2 to 15 feet. It has globular flowers in purple, pink and white shades. It is a fragrant flower that blooms repeatedly.

3. Damasks: – This is a cross between Rosa gallica and Rosa phoenica. It is famous for its excellent fragrance and it grows up to a height of 4 to 6 feet. Flowers are semi double or double and are available in pink and white shades.

4. Chinas: – This is a small plant which has a height of 18” to 3 feet tall. It has little or no fragrance. They produce flowers in clusters and it booms in summer and in late autumn. Flower will change the color, it starts from a light color and gets deepen before falling.

5. Centifolias: – This is a cross between Rosa damascena and Rosa alba. They are called cabbage roses because of their globular shape. It blooms once in a year and has large showy flower sepals. It grows over a height of 6 feet.

6. Gallicas: – This is a small bushy plant that grows up to 4 feet tall. It has fine and soft thorns and it blooms only once in a year. They are available in different shades of deep purple, red, maroon and crimson. They exhibit good fragrance even after drying.

7. Hybrid Perpetuals: – They are the most popular old garden roses. It grows over upto 6 feet and blooms repeatedly. It has fragrant flowers in red and pink shades.

8. Mosses: – Most of the mosses blooms once in a year and it produce a piney fragrance.

9. Noisette: – A cross between China Rose’s Parson’s Pink and the Rosa moschafa produces this rose. It produces clusters of fragrant flowers.

10. Portlands: – It grows up to a height of 4 feet and blooms repeatedly. This is a cross between China roses and European roses.

11. Teas: – They have large flowers on weak stems. It is a cross between Rosa chinensis and Rosa gigantean.

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