Disciplining Toddlers Without Yelling

Disciplining Toddlers Without Yelling

Disciplining Toddlers Without Yelling - How to Disciplining Toddlers - How to Create Positive Discipline with Toddlers - Techniques to Discipline Your Toddlers | Tips on - Find TipsOften, it is seen that, parents yell and spank their toddlers to discipline them. Parents think that, it is best technique to let the child obey them. But this is not the right way. Also you can not find one solution for all kids as what will work for one child will not work for other. For creating positive discipline, parents need to tackle their toddlers with creativity, consistency and patience.

Before applying any parenting technique to discipline your toddlers, you must understand that, these small kids are not purposely disobeying you to annoy you. In fact they are impulsive and have very short memory. Often they need to be told same thing again and again. They are not capable of following the rules set by their parents. So there is no need to spank, yell or slap your child, as he or she will learn eventually. It is important for the parents to guide their kids lovingly and with active involvement.

Let us learn some tips to handle your kids more creatively without yelling or spanking them.

Try to state rules and request in very simple sentences like “You should sit Down.” If possible, let your child to decide or make a choice. For example, if he is not eating some vegetable, let him choose another food which he likes. It distracts him from main issue f eating, rather he feels in control of his decision. Whenever you are requesting him for doing something, give reasoning behind it so that he thinks and understands more rationally and understand your request.

Try to involve yourself in the actions you him to do. You can use the word “We”. This way your request does not seem like demand. If you really want to keep your kid from some thing off limits, distract him by giving some toy he loves.

And one more thing, whatever you are expecting of your child should be according to his age. Do not expect one year old to sit quietly for about an hour.

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