Disney India Ties Up With Net Distribution

Disney India Ties Up With Net Distribution

Disney India Ties Up With Net Distribution - Disney Launches Online Shopping DestinationJust a few days after upsetting thousands of fans worldwide about its announcement to stop making fairy tales for some time, Walt Disney has come out with a consolation of sorts. The company has come in collaboration with Net Distribution to launch Disney’s first official online shopping store in India.

The online shopping zone has been created keeping in mind the main theme of the company, cartoons. And so, the shop would act as a one stop shopping destination for kids and families alike. The shop is said to feature over 660 genuine Disney products and would house almost all the major cartoon characters and the products used by them on screen.

These include famous characters from the Mickey Mouse series, Toy Story and Hannah Montana; Disney Princesses; and Disney and Pixar cars, toys and fun products. The major focus of the store, according to Disney is to provide easy access of Disney characters, toys and fun products to fans around the country and outside via e-commerce.

This means the ease and flexibility of purchase of Disney branded products by consumers irrespective of where they live or where they choose to buy. In addition to this, the online store has a unique gifting feature that would allow shoppers from around the world to gift Disney products to relatives and friends.

The site’s URL is www.disney.in/shopping and will be fully operated and managed by Net Distribution which also happens to be an authorized Disney licensee. The CEO of the company, Ajay Miglani revealed that the main endeavour of the entire program is to facilitate the purchase and delivery of Disney products to more than thousands of cities and towns across India.

Accordingly, shoppers and consumers can enter the site via its URL (www.disney.in/shopping) and the good news is, the website has been designed to provide a complete set of unique features that shoppers would find extremely useful.

The site is extremely easy to navigate and online shoppers need not worry about finding the products that they want amidst the various collections on offer. The site has been designed with quick searching capabilities that will allow the shopper to search and purchase products according to product catergories or Disney characters.

Disney claims that the online store will contain everything related to Disney which means the store will not only sell Disney branded toys but also children’s apparel, footwear, accessories, stationery, home products, consumer electronics and home entertainment systems etc.

In addition to the regular Disney products that are available in the market, shoppers to the online store will be able to purchase exclusive products like Club Penguin plushes in addition to being eligible for tons of special offers and discounts.

Shoppers would also be delighted to note that if they choose to buy a product during its launch phase, they can have it delivered to wherever they want in the country, completely free of cost.

Moreover, shoppers can use the unique gift feature of the website to choose a Disney product or toy for a recipient, based on the latter’s age, his/her favorite Disney character of price. Disney confirms that shoppers need not worry about paying via credit or debit cards online as the online transaction gateway is a secure and trusted one.

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