Do Age Of Men Effect Their Offspring

Do Age Of Men Effect Their Offspring

Do Age Of Men Effect Their Offspring - Why Does The Age Of Father Matter - Age of Man Effecting Their Offspring | Tips on - Find TipsWe all have heard of women’s biological clock but never of a man’s. New research studies say the age of men effects the health of a new born. While women are born with a fixed number of eggs, men can produce sperms daily. This leads us to believe men will always remain fertile. True it is, but more the age of the man, greater are the chances of the offspring to have some problems.

You may argue that there are couples who give birth to a healthy child well after 50, I will say that there are exceptions always. Conceiving after 35 is always a cause of concern as the pregnancy has greater chances of developing complications. For a man, the warning bells begin to ring around the age of 40.

The father’s age is a main factor in the well being of the newborn. Before family planning, couples should keep in mind their age and go accordingly.

So what happens to the child if the age in which the child was conceived went beyond the biological clock of the father? Last five years of study indicate the onset of many birth defects such as mental disease like schizophrenia, autism and Apert’s Syndrome. Also if the man is older and the woman is young and healthy, chances of miscarriages increase by manifold.

Why Does The Age Of Father Matter?

Like women, the men also undergo dwindling reproduction energy. Though the production of sperms does not stop, the quality of sperm reduces with time. With every copy of sperms being churned out, chemical changes take place which effect the DNA standards also. The chemical changes such as lower estrogen, lower testosterone, lower DHEA all lead to reproductive failure.

Understand it through the metaphor of machines- the ingredients for a product might be fresh but the machine it uses for production has rusted with time, so the end product is bound to have variations from the planned original. This is the same with ageing fathers. The sperm becomes vulnerable to DNA modifications and as a result give rise to birth defects.

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