Do and Don’t When you are a Pregnant

Do and Don’t When you are a Pregnant

Do and Don’t When you are a Pregnant - Pregnancy Exercises - Stretch Marks During Pregnancy - Smoke During Pregnancy | Tips on - Find TipsDon’t take any medication during pregnancy. If you really have to take medication, take the advice of a doctor before you take medicines.

Don’t drink alcohol or smoke during pregnancy. This may affect both you and your kid.

Don’t wear very tight clothes. You look very fat. Wear very comfortable and loose clothes.

Don’t use chemicals
Use of chemicals should be avoided as much as possible. Bank on natural substances. From tooth paste to moisturizer, everything has chemicals in it. So avoid these chemical substances. There are natural alternatives for all of them. Use these things. Something’s could be, instead of using soap you can use gram flour, instead of a shampoo, use shikakai etc.

Do walk, everyday
Walking daily is very important to avoid excess weight gain and to keep yourself healthy. Generally walking for 45 minutes per day is recommended for all the pregnant woman. Walk everyday without fail. If you put on excess weight, then you may get BP and Diabetes.

Do exercises everyday
Exercises taught by the doctor and only those exercises which are pregnant friendly should be practiced every day.

Don’t be careless about your looks
Taking care of your face is very important. Because of the hormonal changes you may get pimples, black marks etc. So be very careful about all these things. Try to avoid them, if at all you have already got them, meeting a doctor to find the remedy will be a good idea.

Do take care about your heels
Maintain your skin; use of a good moisturizer is very important during pregnancy. Take care of your heals. Use of a good natural petroleum jelly is always suggested because you may get cracks during pregnancy.

Use of anti-stretch mark creams
Getting stretch marks is very common during pregnancy. The anti-stretch mark creams (natural) should be used, only if your doctor suggests you to use.

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