Do Not in a Job Interview

Do Not in a Job Interview

Do Not in a Job Interview - DoNot dressing right for the interview

If you have not neatly pressed your dress or your dress is dirty, no matter how much you know about the job there are all chances that you may loose the job opportunity. So dress well for the job.

Don’t speak too much

Allow the interview to speak. Understand what he wants to know from you and then answer. Don’t interrupt him in between. Don’t boost too much about yourself, but at the same time if you have any questions for the interviewer don’t hesitate to ask

Don’t shiver

Don’t hesitate to request the interviewer to switch off the AC, if you are feeling cold. First timers generally hesitate to say this and start shivering in front of the interviewer in no time. This indirectly implies that you are not open to conversations.

Don’t forget to take your credentials

Support all your talks with credentials you have. If you don’t do this, he may only feel that everything you are telling is only a lie.

Don’t get late to interview

If you get late to interview the interviewer may think you are not serious about the job and you don’t have time sense. So don’t give the interviewer an opportunity to think this way.

Don’t ask about the package initially

Till your interview completes and you are sure to get a job, don’t ask for the package. If the interviewer is interested in you, he himself will ask your expectation or he will volunteer to give certain amount of salary to you. Remember! Be prepared with the amount you expect from the company before hand and try to negotiate to that salary itself.

Don’t be rude

If your interviewer asks something which is very personal to you don’t be rude to him. Instead try to handle it in a much matured way and try to explain it to him. If you feel it should not be told then apologize and say it is very personal to me

Don’t forget to follow up

Send a thank you mail to the interviewer for spending time with you. Don’t call up the company everyday to know the status. The company will think you are desperate and decide not to give you the job.

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