Do you have office A.D.D

Do you have office A.D.D

Do you have office A.D.D - What is attention deficit disorder - symptoms attention deficit disorder - Attention deficit disorder diet » Do you have office A.D.DWhat is A.D.D?
Almost all of the working men remain under immense work pressure and we are forced to work long hours to meet our targets and deadline. There are several ways of relaxing and refreshing our mind but hardly we can make time for our mental relaxation. Attention Deficit Disorder or A.D.D is an alarming crisis among the men of this century. Continuously popping up e-mails in our inboxes, repeated calls of our bosses and immense financial requirements are major reasons that lead to A.D.D. It is really a good idea to have basic insight of this mental crisis and the ways that can provide us relief from it.

Excessive pressure and responsibilities
We have commitments and responsibilities, not both of these only for our families but also for our professional arenas. Juggling with three phones ringing at a time and even managing the office colleagues is indeed a challenging job. Though there are several psychiatrists who offer effective advises and solutions through mental counseling session, we men do not even find suitable time to afford it. So, self help is indeed helpful Basically A.D.D or Attention Deficit Disorder is the result of neural bottleneck and it takes place in the frontal lobes as we guys try to concentrate on more than one thing at a time.

The simple solution
The remedy is simple, out “To Do” list should be made in such a way that we do not coincide two works at a single time. Many of us have a habit o checking the electronic mail again and again. Instead it is best to check the mails after two hours of gaps at least. It is not the question of multitasking, but it is our mental set up that allows us to work. A.D.D can hamper life and reduce our productivity. We need to be careful and keep us fresh and balance our work and life properly. Proper rest during the night after a days work can be really refreshing.

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