Doha Travel Tips

Doha Travel Tips

Doha Travel Tips - Doha Travel Guide - Travelling Doha - Attractions in Doha | Tips on - Find TipsAlthough, modern day Qatar with its contemporary buildings and western style amenities might seem a far cry from the countries of traditional Arabian folklore, but nonetheless, you will find the traditional Arabian lifestyle interspersed with contemporary lifestyle.

Getting here

Several international flights have direct flights connecting Doha, the capital of Qatar, to several European and Asian cities including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. The Qatar Airways is the national carrier. There is also provision to arrive in Qatar from the neighboring Arabian countries, such as UAE and Saudi Arabia.


The desert climate becomes extremely torturous during the summer months, when the mercury can soar to 50-degree Celsius. The sandstorms and the high humidity can make the summer months intolerable. The winter months, especially December and January, are the best time to visit Qatar. The winters are mild, with occasional chilly nights. However, with abundant air-conditioned transportation and accommodations, traveling around the country during the summer can be quite comfortable.

Doha attractions

Doha is similar to most upcoming Arab cities, where the traditional live with the modern. The 19th century Doha Fort is reminiscent of the Turkish occupation of the city. This ethnographic museum lost many of its original features during the 1970s restoration works. Before the invention of air-conditioners, Badghir or the wind tower was used to as a cooling instrument.

It sucked the cool fresh air from the Gulf and circulated the air in the ground floor rooms. Opposite the wind tower stands the Heritage House Museum, which was once used as an ethnographic museum. The Museum of Islamic Arts is one of Doha’s finest examples of contemporary architecture. The gold and silver daggers and swords, including a khanjar knife of Lawrence of Arabia are displayed in the Weaponry Museum. In this city, you will come across a Disney-style amusement park, named Aladdin’s Kingdom. Spread across 3500 square meter of land, the Jungle Zone is an animal themed children’s park.

The boats, a Ferris wheel and a miniature train are among the several attractions of Rumeilah Park. Doha has one of the finest zoos in the Middle East. Doha Zoo has over 1500 animals, including local birds and animals. The Souq Waqif is the major marketplace of Doha. This was the site where the Bedouins used to trade. To find some respite from the desert heat, you can walk along Al-Corniche, the city’s seafront.

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