Do's and Don’ts of Dating

Do's and Don’ts of Dating

DoDating can be a fun but it can go the other way round as well.

Here are some do’s and don’t s of dating-

Guys are expected tp pay on the first date-On the first date it is expected from the guys that they pay, therefore it will be great if guys carry some cash with them. Its etiquette, guys, therefore be prepared to pay on the first date.

Chalk out a plan for date-It will be great if you plan out your date. It will be a smooth sailing and you will enjoy the date. Plan out where you want to go, what will be the things you would like to do and what will be the expenses.

Don’t throw surprises on the first date-Don’t show surprises on the first date as you may not be aware about thr likings and the dis likings of your date. Therefore its advisable that you ask the likings and dis likings of your date. Try th understand the hobbies and interest of other person, so that on your next date you are able to throw a pleasant surprise.

Be courteous to your date-Be courteous and polite. Refinement in use of language goes a long way in establishing a lasting relationship with your date.

Open the doors for her-Guys be courteous and open the door for your lady whenever required. Good mannerisms will please your date.

Listen more than speak-Try to listen to the other person rather than trying to put your point forward.

Compliment your date-don’t leave a chance to compliment your date. Appreciate the good qualities but don’t be so open about something which you do not like.

Do not present expensive gifts-Do not exchange expensive gifts. It does not set a good precedent for future dates. Do not let money play an important role.

Do not drink-Do not drink or even if you drink then diink light otherwise you may not have control over your behaviour and you may do something really foolish.

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