Drawbacks of Working From Home

Drawbacks of Working From Home

Drawbacks of Working From Home - Drawbacks to Working at Home - Working From Home and Its Drawback - Working From Home | Tips on - Find TipsIt is fine that work-at-home possibility is great and you are viewing it seriously. Despite all the benefits for working from home, there are some other serious issues need to be considered first before you start your venture at home.

Though everybody is not going to face same kinds of problems,it all depends on your personality, family and the kind of work. If you recognize these drawbacks early, addressing them will be lot easier. Most of these issues can be sort out by setting some ground rules for your family

Overlapping of family and work time

This is the most important point in this whole business of work from home. You have to set separate time for family and the work. Except for few emergency situations, you should not mingle two. Otherwise you will be stretched out negotiating both. Allot work hours for yourself and family time for your family.

Dealing with distractions

How much you avoid, you are sure having distractions while working from home. It is not to say that, you do not have distractions while working from office but distractions at home are more personal and you have to deal them certainly. For instance you may have a childcare provider at home but kids seek your attentions at most of the times.

You may not get the promotion you deserve

While you choose working from home, you may be perceived being not serious about your career. Out of sight and out of mind; this rule also applies here. Another fact is every job can not be done by telecommuting.

Quantity time with your Kids

Earlier your kids may be spending most of the time with you but after you became a work-at-home mom, both of you have to adjust that time.


This is a great drawback for working at home. You feel cut from society and community as you stay indoors most of the times working your assignments.

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