Dressing a plate

Dressing a plate

Dressing a plate - Recipe dressing - Dish presentation - Cheese dressing » How to dress a plateJust think of a weekend party and the tiring Saturday afternoon when you are gearing up to dish out mouth watering stuffs to your friends. You have tried hard to keep the recipe right and in the evening it is the time to serve the delicacies cooked by you. Serving needs to be in order and there are several ways of dishing out the foodstuffs in a party. It is prudent to know the basic idea regarding the perfect ways of dressing a plate and making it more alluring to the guests.

The presentation
While serving spicy dishes like paneer butter masala or butter chicken, spreading butter over the items while serving can make the difference. Likewise, a lemon slice on the vodka glass or mocktail glass can be nice additions. This is just accessorizing the foods to make it more attractive. Presentation indeed matters and it is prudent to note that there remain plenty of dinner plates that are imported from abroad. We attempt to portray them during parties but you can also try out the alternative process of arranging simple white dishes. In many cases the white dishes are more appealing during the dinner.

The techniques of dishing out in a style
We can avoid using grater to garnish your soup or pasta dishes by using cheese as it often ends up like sawdust. It is wise to use a simple vegetable peeler for the purpose. Again, instead of serving the food straight, just serving it with different angles can make it attractive. It is a nice plan to check the way the hoteliers present the mouthwatering foods. It is the art of transferring the cooked stuff from the pan that matters. The gravy items usually slash to the plates and create an ugly look. So, it is also advisable to keep a towel for cleaning in the bathroom.

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