Dressing up your Hair

Dressing up your Hair

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Some of the things you would need before you begin hair dressing are tail comb, pins, brush or self-fixing rollers, hair dryer (optional) and styling spray / hair spray.

It is advisable to wash your hair before beginning any styling.

Roll Up style

Many styles can be created with a basic roller set. You can make waves, soft curls, or an upswept style. When the hair is still wet, spray with styling spray.

For the basic style, take a section of hair that is the same width as the roller at the centre front. Comb it straight upwards making it tangle- free. Roll the hair around the roller beginning from the tip working towards the scalp. Wind the hair firmly avoiding any crushing and proceed towards the scalp keeping even firmness all through. Once you reach the scalp fasten brush rollers with pins, self-fixing rollers will stay put on their own. Repeat the same procedure till you finish setting the rest of the hair. Mist with styling spray as the hair dries out.

Preferably dry the set hair naturally. If you do need to use the dryer, use the diffuser attachment and allow the hair to dry completely before removing the rollers. Follow the directions on the roller set to brush your hair. Misting the hair brush with hairspray to smoothen out stray hairs is also a good idea for a neat finish.

Some hints

Large diameter rollers give lustrous, wavy looks while smaller rollers give curlier styles.

Using equal width sections of hair will give an even neat finish to the style.

Cool and dry the hair completely before you brush. This will give more volume and control over the styling. Use a bristle brush to get a smooth finish.

If the styling is too curly, not exactly how you like it, loosen the curl by using a brush with a hand dryer.

For extra volume backcomb from the roots with a fine-toothed comb.

This style forms the basic and you can use your imagination to create different styles.

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