Dressing your Toddler – What You Should Know

Dressing your Toddler – What You Should Know

Dressing your Toddler – What You Should Know - How to Buy Toddler Clothes - Tips on Buying Baby Clothing | Tips on - Find TipsWhat could be more fun than buying clothes for a toddler? Dressing your darling in adorable clothing may seem like the easiest thing in the world, but to new mothers, it may be an intimidating task. Sizing alone can be confusing. To put the fun back into the task, here are some tips to help you along.


Before you go, check the sizes of his current clothes and determine which size the child is now. Babies grow so fast that they are often between sizes. It’s easy to forget what size you should be buying.

Look for Grow-able Clothes

Because toddlers grow so fast, try to find clothes that accommodate that growth. Special features like elastic waistbands or Velcro closures are terrific finds. The clothes can grow along with your child.

Don’t Buy too Big

It can be tempting to buy clothes too big. It’s a smart idea to buy clothes a size larger than the toddler needs. That way he will grow into the clothes. But don’t get too ambitious and buy clothes too big. You may start tripping him up at a time he needs to be active. Sticking to one size larger is a good rule of thumb.

Consider the Fabric

Another thing to consider is the fabric of the item. Cotton is the fabric of choice for a baby. It can “breathe” in warm weather and still keeps him warm in cool. It’s anti-allergy, and can be washed over and over. Synthetic materials are great, but you will want to read the label carefully. Make sure anything you buy is flame retardant, particularly nightwear. If it is, it will say so on the packaging.

The Cute Factor

And finally, do you like it? Shopping options for children abound. You can choose from discount stores, department stores, and specialty baby boutiques. There are even baby designer labels, if your budget allows. Since babies grow so fast, many mothers find that consignment shops are a great alternative.

They offer used clothes in good condition, and many babies outgrow an outfit before they have really had a chance to wear it. You can pick up designer clothes for a fraction of the cost. The great thing about dressing a toddler is that they are so cute. You can put anything on the little doll and stop traffic.

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