Ear Piercing Babies

Ear Piercing Babies

Ear Piercing Babies - Babies Ear Piercing Age - Ear Piercing For Babies - Ear Piercing » Ear Piercing BabiesYou must have seen many babies with pierced ears. Ear piercing of babies is a common practice which has been taking place from a long time and it is dependent on the personal choice of parents as some get their child’s ears pierced at a very young age while some wait for the child to get older. While this is purely a question of parents’ choice, medically it is recommended that one should get the ears of the babies pierced only after the child is 3 to 4 months old so that he can handle mild infections along with having got protection of at least 2 vaccines.

The practice of ear piercing babies is prevalent in Hindu culture as it is considered as auspicious along with making the child look pretty. However, one should ensure certain basic safety guidelines so as to retain the health of the child. Most importantly, one should get the ears of babies pierced only by a professional so as to avoid any pain or damage to the tender and sensitive ears of the child. In addition, one should consider getting earrings with locks or screw-on backs made of surgical steel so as to reduce the baby’s chances of pulling the earrings of and swallowing it which may lead to choking. The material being used in earrings should be tested so as to avoid allergic reactions on the child’s body. Moreover, always get new and disinfected earrings for the child as sharing earrings can lead to bacterial and staph infections. Many babies might develop infections due to their poor immune system and thus it is always advisable to wait for at least 5 to 7 months before getting the ears of the babies pierced. In case the child gets some serious infection or ailment after getting the ears pierced, one should immediately consult the doctor to prevent any complications. By following certain basic guidelines, one can effectively get one’s babies ears pierced and make them look cute and pretty without sacrificing their health or happiness.

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