Early Signs Of Diabetes

Early Signs Of Diabetes

Early Signs Of Diabetes - How To Detect Early Symptoms Of Diabetes - Prevention Of Diabetes » You Better Know The Early Signs Of DiabetesDiabetes as we all know is due to increase or excess level of sugar rise in the blood.

As this disease is very common in the world toady especially min India, so, we assume that you all know its main causes. However, you may be ignorant about its early sign. It can be trivial at the early stage. So you must know the signs in order to take some preventive measures. Do not get fooled by other health problems as symptoms of the early stage are very confusing to detect.

Here are some of the early signs of diabetes. Most common symptom is frequent urination. This happens due to increase of glucose in the blood and rise above the normal level; this creates incomplete filtration by kidney and thus hampers the water absorption by the kidney resulting in frequent urination.

Your body loses excessive fluid due to frequent urination. Your body gets dehydrated and loses water and increases the level of thirsty. You also get hungry very quickly when you have diabetes. Insulin is secreted more than its requirement to lower the blood glucose and its result makes us hungry. So, whenever you are facing such kinds of symptoms be sure to consult doctor and get it checked.

You also experience drastic weight loss due to excessive lost of sugar while you urinate. You also suffer from fatigue. Your body tends to become weak very fast. This is due to lost of so much energy source. One of the symptoms can be seen in your eyes as well.

Your eyes lenses tend to change the shape. This will ultimately lead to poor vision power and most of the time eyes will remain blurred. Diabetic patients suffer from skin infection and yeast accumulates frequently.

Thus, whenever you have all these symptoms make sure to see your doctor. Prevention is better than cure.

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