Early Symptoms Of Hiv Infection

Early Symptoms Of Hiv Infection

Early Symptoms Of Hiv Infection - Symptoms Of Aids - First Symptoms Of Hiv Infection » Early Symptoms Of HIV InfectionHIV is no longer the killer condition it was once considered to be. Yes, 10 years back it was still something troubling, not any longer. Latest medical research says it is now effectively a chronic condition like diabetes.

Testing positive at the age of 20 will still give you as many as 49 years to live. New Antiretroviral treatment has helped in making this possible. Sadly, most people infected do not know they are infected. HIV has a gestation period of over 10 to 15 years. Any one who is infected, but is living a healthy live style would never even realize that they are infected.

Much misinformation has kept people ever so scared to keep themselves at arms length from the subject. A young couple, where the wife was positive, wanted to have a child. To insure they had one the husband was informed he could have unprotected sex with his wife while she was ovulating.

The chances of him getting infected were 1 in 400. This is as far we have now come to learn about transmission. The current emphasis is on condom use. Condoms have a failure rate of 4to 6 percent (some say its higher). 1 of 400 is about the same figure. Today if we must get a check on this spreading condition, it is necessary to be regularly tested for HIV.

Getting tested for HIV is relatively easy as most NGO’s around the world provide the service free. State-run hospitals also provide testing at very low cost.

The time has come to work strongly at correcting the false notions with regards to this once-upon-a-time killer disease. It is only when we get the correct information out that the infection is no longer a killer can we hope to get people to come out more openly into testing. As of date, there are many young people who are infected. They are sadly passing it on to their partners without knowing it.

HIV is a disease where your immune system is targeted by the invading virus. A normal healthy person has a CD4 (CD4 is a medical measure of your immune system) count of over 1500 to 2000 plus. When this figure falls below 200 it is imperative to go onto medication.

Normally when your CD4 count falls below 400 opportunists’ diseases such as Tuberculosis infects you. It is one of the worst combinations you may have and yet a very common one. Unless you are sexually inactive till date or you have not been involved with blood transfusing get your self tested at the earliest. Remember HIV is no longer a death sentence

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