Earthquake Safety Tips » Earthquake Safety Tips

Earthquake Safety Tips » Earthquake Safety Tips

Earthquake Safety Tips » Earthquake Safety TipsThe world is witnessing a rise in natural calamities due to imbalance in environment. A major chunk of blame for this goes to people who have shaken the healthy balance of nature via technological expansion and associated global warming.

With floods, draughts, earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones on a rise, it is essential to be aware of some prior safety measures. This article will throw light on some earthquake safety tips so that you can effectively deal with natural calamities.

The basic and foremost tip- do not panic. It is but natural for a person to panic when he faces a natural calamity. However, we generally tend to lose our self control and common sense when we panic. Thus, remain calm and think practically and logically.

First of all, when an earthquake occurs, you should try to get out into an open space. It is important to move away from buildings, towers, and electric circuits.

If you live on second or top floors, you must come out of your houses for fear of house collapsing. However, if you find the tremor severe, then the best option is to find a safe spot in your house and take refuge there. Also, avoid use of lifts and stay away from electrical appliances and gas stoves.

There are times and circumstances when it becomes difficult to move out into an open area. During that time, you must seek a location in your house where there is no heavy stuff that can fall on you. You can take shelter under a desk, sofa, or table.

If you feel the earth shaking, you must raise an alarm and help all your known and even unknown people to react on time. If you driving when an earthquake takes place, then you must stop your car, get out of it, and take shelter in an open area.

Keep the above given safety tips in mind so that you know what to do to save yourself from the devastating effects of an earthquake.

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