Easy South Indian Dosa Recipes

Easy South Indian Dosa Recipes

Easy South Indian Dosa Recipes - Tips to cook Ragi Dosa - Recipe for Fenugreek Seed Dosa - How to Cook Rava Dosa | Tips on - Find TipsDid you know that using the same batter of Dosa you could prepare different types of Dosa’s by adding a small extra thing? See what varieties of Dosa’s you could prepare.

Instructions to prepare the batter
Soak rice grains and urad dhal in 4:1 ratio in water overnight. Take only the solid part of the soaked mix and put it in a mixer with a very little amount of water required for it to become a thin paste. You can use the soaked water only, for this. Keep this Dosa batter aside for 4 hours. Add salt to taste.

Instructions to prepare dosa on the pan
Take a non-stick pan and heat the pan, spread one ladle full of batter on the pan and spread it so that it will be round in shape. If you need the dosa to be very crispy you can put groundnut oil or olive oil around the Dosa. This is not mandatory. If you are diet conscious don’t put any oil at all. That is the very reason why I said use a non-stick pan. Remember to turn the dosa both ways till it turns golden brown. Your yummy dosa is ready is eat.
You can eat this with mint chutney, coriander chutney, coconut chutney, Onion-potato playa etc.

Ragi Dosa
Add ragi to the rice and urad dhal while soaking it in water. The rest remains to be the same.

Mentya- Fenugreek seeds dosa
Mentya is extremely good for health. Especially for people with High blood pressure, mentya acts as a very good home remedy. Add 5 teaspoons of mentya-fenugreek seeds to the rice and urad dhal and soak it with water. The rest of the instructions remain to be the same.

Rava dosa
Take a pan. Add one spoon of groundnut oil or olive oil. Heat it. Add one spoon of cumin seeds. You can hear to the cumin seeds making sounds and turning black. Allow it to become completely black. If it is still red in color, it will be bitter to taste. So wait till it becomes black, but don’t allow it to char. Add rava to it and fry it till it turns golden brown. Add sour curd to this so that it becomes a thin batter. To this add grated carrot, tomatoes which are cut into small pieces, Green chilies and cut onions. Add salt to taste.

Follow the instructions to put the Rava dosa on the pan. Your rava dosa is ready.

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