Eat to Beat Stress

Eat to Beat Stress

Eat to Beat Stress - Tips on Beating Stress with Food - Stress Busting Food - What to Eat When Stressed | Tips on - Find TipsEating while stressed out is a very common habit and some people are even conscious of the fact that they are eating because they are stressed and cannot stop themselves. Many feel it is a bad habit. It is a bad habit only if you over do it and gain heaps of weight. Eating certain food does help to beat stress. Here are some tips on what to consume when stressed.

Cereal- Carbohydrates such as dry cereal contain tryptophan which is converted to serotonin. Serotonin calms us down and restores mental energy. Therefore the next time you feel stressed out have a bowl of dry cereal. To enjoy it’s best results have it on an empty stomach.

Sweets- Try having a few candies as sugar helps to produce serotonin as well. Remember that sugar in fruits are not effective. So having a fruit will not do the trick. When having a sweet choose one which is low in fat. Fat slows down the digestion process which will delay your serotonin boost.

Drink plenty of water. A snack of salty chips, which is a very common snack will leave you dehydrated. So if you do have such a snack make sure you drink plenty of water. If not avoid such snacks.

Consume food with vitamin B. A lack of vitamin B will cause stress levels to rise as it helps to maintain our brain cells and nerves. Vitamin B also helps to convert food into energy in the body. Baked potatoes, avocados, chicken and bananas are full of vitamin B.

Stress is caused mostly by unexpected incidents or results so make sure you keep your serotonin levels high during the day. Drink plenty of water. What ever you eat make sure you do not stuff your self. That way you will only gain weight and not be able to work at all!

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