Eat Whole Wheat Bread to Maintain Health

Eat Whole Wheat Bread to Maintain Health

Eat Whole Wheat Bread to Maintain Health - Health Benefits of Whole Wheat Bread | Tips on - Find TipsAll the health conscious people opt for whole wheat bread instead of a white bread. Why? What are features which make whole wheat bread more nutritional option than the white bread? Should we completely avoid eating white bread? Let us find out below in a more realistic way.

Whole Wheat Bread/ Brown Bread
Whole Wheat Bread is commonly known as the brown bread because of its colour. A whole wheat bread becomes brown after baking because it uses bran as the ingredient. But sometimes, manufacturers add just caramel colour to the dough to make it brown in colour. When you go to the store to buy brown bread, check for the ingredients as you really want a whole wheat bread.

Whole wheat bread is made of whole wheat flour as well as wheat flour. By practice, all the manufacturers add wheat flour to the Whole Wheat flour as it is the requirement.

Nutritional Fact:
Wheat flour used in white bread is the refined flour (means made up of polished wheat), without any fibre content in it. On the other hand, brown bread is made up of ground wheat grains. Polishing of wheat, removes its most nutritional outer covering and the fibre. Fibre in your food makes body to work hard to digest it and it raises the metabolism. This situation helps you control your weight. Also fibre in your food helps reduce blood sugar level and cholesterol in your body. Whole Wheat Bread has higher vitamins, calcium and iron content in it than white bread. It clearly makes Brown bread a healthier option.

Is White Bread that Harmful?
If you do not have whole wheat bread as an option to eat, white bread can do rather than sipping just sipping milk in the morning as you always need some amount of carbohydrate in your meals.

Homemade Chapatis and Whole Wheat Bread
Homemade Chapatis are just like whole wheat bread as they are also made of up ground whole wheat. If you are not feeling like cooking chapatis, you can easily reach for whole wheat bread as it has same nutritional value as the chapatti.

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