Effect of Television on Children

Effect of Television on Children

Effect of Television on Children - Tv Effect On Children - Bad Effect Tv - Negative Effect Of Watching Tv - How Can Tv Effect Teens - How Does Tv Effect Children » Effect of Television on ChildrenDoes your child often tend to copy stunts, actions and behavior of his favorite actor on TV? It has been found that television plays an important role in the acquiring of social skills, behavior and values in a child. Thus, if your child often watches violent and antisocial stuff on TV, then there is a huge probability that he would acquire that attitude in his own personal life too. This can be substantiated by the growing number of crimes and anti-social activities committed by small children under the adverse influence of TV. Thus, keeping a check on children’s television watching habits is an important aspect of parenting as it helps in controlling the child from going astray. It is not that television has only negative effects. It can also bring about a positive influence and can also help in the entire process of education which can be seen through the examples of preschoolers educative programs which are aired on TV and which in turn help in the easy absorption of concepts by the child along with providing him with entertainment. Thus, TV can be both a boon as well as a bane and it is how you handle your child and his television watching habits which eventually decide the outcome.

While news, education series and other healthy social programs on television can help in the positive development of your child, one should ensure that the child does not get into the habit of watching anti-social and violent activities which can bring about a wrong impact on his sensitive and immature brain. This can make the child aggressive, violent and amoral. Moreover, children with more than required addiction to television often turn out to become couch potatoes thereby sacrificing all the healthy activities of walking and exercise to just sit in front of the ‘idiot box’. A growing number of health related problems in children, especially obesity, is attributed to their inactive and unhealthy lifestyle in which TV forms one of the main culprits. Watching TV in moderation can be educative, entertaining and healthy but becoming a television addict can bring about an adverse effect on the physical, emotional as well as psychological self of the child.

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