Effective Spa Treatments

Effective Spa Treatments

Effective Spa Treatments - Deep Tissue Therapy - Dry Flotation Bed - Abhyanga Massage » Different spa treatment that you can relax youHey girls and guys forget the carp about the metro sexual and retrosexuals. We all need to pamper ourselves, here are some effective spa treatments that can help you to rejuvenate yourself – have a look!

Deep tissue therapy
The deep tissue therapy is highly recommended for the guys who put in long working hours especially at the computer or suffer from muscular joints and pains. This therapy is administer using ayurvedic oil to relive stress, relax muscles and increase blood circulation.

Dry flotation bed
Hey girls and guys just try out this noel therapy and I am sure you won’t regret it ever! In this therapy, you will find yourself on a water bed warmed by special heat sensors. The experience saps all the fatigue from your weary limbs and powers you in more ways than one. Indian organic and French spa products are used in this therapy.

The gentleman’s spa retreat
This treatment is a trailer to heaven. It is especially designed for men who don’t usually spa. It is an enticing combination of treatments in this capsule that includes the rudra special massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and haircut. An array of refreshing beverages served throughout your therapeutic treats during this therapy adds to the experience.

The ocean facial
Incorporating highly energizing marine algae, this facial is designed to leave men’s skin relaxed, balanced and recharged. It is perfect for stressed skin as it incorporates specific oil- free, matte products.

Choc affair
This affair is a complete indulgence with the special chocolate blend exfoliation treatment, a nourishing full body massage and a chocolate wrap. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and rekindles passion in you.

The abhyanga massage
It is a detoxifying treatment carried out by one or two male therapist using warm medicated oil to stimulate circulation and relive tension on both the physical and mental level. This includes a steam to facilitate absorption of the medicinal oils and enhance the sense of well-being.

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