Effects of Child Physical Abuse

Effects of Child Physical Abuse

Effects of Child Physical Abuse - Sexual Abuse in Children - Emotional Abuse | Tips on - Find TipsPhysical abuse to any adolescent below the age of 18 in any form is an absolute sin. Months back a case had surfaced wherein the mother and her partner had been abusing (punching, hitting, throwing, slapping, kicking etc) their own child. The reason- it was a great stress buster. Can you believe it! How much monstrous people could be?

Other types of physical abuse include denying medical attention, giving no food to eat or forcing the child to become drug addict or alcoholic. Such behavior bruises the child till the day he/she lives.

1. Excessive abuse can lead to brain damage and incur damage to other body organs.

2. Children become depressed and withdrawn.

3. Lack of desire to enjoy life. He/she might always remain irritated with family, friends and deny mixing with peers of their age.

4. Self confidence dwindles and they might turn to drugs and alcohol to in trying to come to terms with the trauma.

5. When they grow up, it becomes problematic to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Either they become victimized again or develop an urge for vengeance towards the near and dear ones because by doing so they feel they are giving back to their perpetrators what they did to them in the childhood.

6. Victims of rape abuse find it difficult to have a satisfying sexual life in future as it remains with them as a trauma throughout.

7. They are mostly afraid to trust anybody again even if the other person is capable of keeping the trust. Fear hounds the victims forever.

8. They are no more a social person. Their perception of society and its rules alter significantly.

9. Victims of physical abuse can turn to crimes. It seems a way for them to prove themselves.

Physical abuse ruins a person emotionally, physically and mentally. If you come across someone who shows the above impacts, the best way to help is to take immediate action.

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