Effects of Stress on Erectile Dysfunction

Effects of Stress on Erectile Dysfunction

Effects of Stress on Erectile Dysfunction - Reasons for Stress - Stress and Male Sexual Health » Influence of Stress on Erectile DysfunctionThere are many adverse effects of stress on the health of human beings, but the worst effect of stress is on the sexual health of men, which is called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). In this sexual problem, the male is unable to either get the erection or to hold the erection long enough to have intercourse.

It has been proved that people who suffer from extreme form of stress are likely to have the problem of ED, either temporarily or permanently. The extreme stress results in men having lower libido and this is the reason that men facing stress feel less desire to have sex.

There are many reasons for having extreme stress in one’s life and these include, poor life style with less time to take rest, taking a lot of burden and exertion, more than enough exercise etc. ED is not the only health issue which is caused by stress, rather there are plenty of other health issues as well which are a direct result of stress.

During the condition of stress, Adrenaline and Cortical hormones are released by the Adrenal Glands. Cortical is then responsible to stimulate Liver to discharge sugar in blood to meet high energy requirements quickly. On the other hand, Adrenaline is responsible for the increase in heart beat and it also badly affects the digestive system.

Hypertension, Diabetes, heart disease and depression are all caused by stress and they all together hit the sexual ability of men, resulting into ED. For erection, Penis requires increased supply of blood, stress restricts the blood circulation and this results in failure to supply enough blood to Penis.

The common emotional indications of having extreme stress are irritability, lack of personal care and impatience, while the behavioural indications are smoking, change in eating habits, less or more appetite, and use of drugs and alcohol.

Diabetes and blood pressure caused by the stress are also responsible for ED. If you are having short term stress, you are likely to recover from ED after the stress is over, but during long period of stress, you must get a treatment to deal with ED. There is no doubt that extreme stress is the main reason for ED.

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