Effects of Vitamin Deficiency

Effects of Vitamin Deficiency

Effects of Vitamin Deficiency - Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency - Cure for Vitamin Deficiency - Source of Vitamins | Tips on - Find TipsHuman body tends to work endlessly for our benefit so it becomes our responsibility to make available to it the essential nutrients required by it. For the efficient maintenance of the body, we need to keep the level of vitamins in a balanced manner. But, due to the increasing sedentary lifestyle, more and more people are suffering from the deficiency of vitamins. When the body lacks any type of vitamin, it begins to produce its symptoms.

People who are deprived of nutrition are most vulnerable in getting vitamin deficiency. A special type of exclusion can be made in the category of vitamins is that of Vitamin D since it is acquired from the rays of almighty sun. Individual who have less amount of exposure to sun rays are likely to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.

Different vitamins produce varied signs of its deficiency. If a person lacks adequate amount of Vitamin A, then the resultant symptoms would occur in the form of exhaustion, occurrence of acne and pimples on the skin. But the most common symptoms that a person experiences when suffering from Vitamin A deficiency is the disorder of night blindness and poor eye-sight.

Shortage of Vitamin E is most likely to result in reduced capacity of the body to repair a cut or an injury, inflated gland of the prostrate and impotency. A person is also likely to suffer from various gastric problems.

If you are avoiding milk or milk related products you are likely to suffer from the deficiency of Vitamin B 12. Its deficiency will produce symptoms in the form of fantasy, loss of memory, eye ailment and loss of hemoglobin.

Scarcity in Vitamin C will cause anaemia, flow of blood from gums, deterioration in muscle strength and formation of clots in blood.

Cure for Vitamin Deficiency

One of the best way to cure yourself of any sought of vitamin deficiency is to consume a well balanced diet. In case of serious deficiency, doctors can also suggest providing requisite vitamin through the mode of injection.

Source of Vitamins

- A good source of Vitamin A is cod liver oil, fish and most importantly green vegetables.

- Sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits, such as, orange, lemon, etc, green and leafy vegetables.

- Milk and related products, such as cheese, yoghurt are considered an important source of vitamin B 12.

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