Electrolysis - The Permanent Hair Removal Option - Working of Electrolysis - Types of Electrolysis | Tips on - Find TipsElectrolysis is considered to be one of the permanent hairs removing method. It is used from hundred of years ago and hence it is well established and has proven with track records.

It was started as a method for removing the ingrown eyelashes and later it is established as a permanent hair removing mechanism for removing the hairs from other body parts. A trained person for doing electrolysis is called electrologist.

Working of Electrolysis

A sterilized needle is used for practicing the electrolysis. This needle is introduced in to the hair follicle and a small electric current is passed through this needle to the base of the hair follicle. This electric current will destroy the hair root cell and thus prevents it from producing any other hairs. Hence it is a permanent hair removal process and it won’t cause any damage to the skin. In electrolysis each hair has to be treated individually and thus it takes more time to remove large number of hairs. The lengthier the treatment the more will be the money and the time you have to commit.

Types of Electrolysis

Depending on the type of electric current used for doing electrolysis there are three types of electrolysis.

1. Galvanic Electrolysis

It is used for treating coarse and thick hair. It is considered to be the original method of electrolysis. Here the electric current is produced by the chemical action with in the galvanic cell.

2. Thermolysis

It is used for treating and removing the fine hairs present on the body. High frequency electric current is used here for removing the hairs.

3. Blend Method

It is a combination of both the thermolysis and galvanic electrolysis. It is used for removing the facial hairs.

Electrolysis is effective over a wide range of hair and skin types. It is found to be highly effective for small regions like the underarms, lips, eyebrows, chin, bikini line, ears etc. The only draw back of the process is the time that it is consuming for removing the hairs. It must be used by a qualified person; otherwise it may cause infections due to the mismanagement like the improper sterilization of the needle. If not properly used the hair may reappear and may cause scarring on the skin. So you must do the treatment with a qualified person only.

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