Elvis - Elvis presley biography - Elvis presley songs - Elvis presley music » In Remembrance Of ElvisMany of us will look dazed at the mention of the name Elvis Presley. It is no wonder given the fact that the king of rock and roll died an early death at the age of 42 on the 16th August 1977. Elvis was born in East Tupelo and brought up by poor parents in Memphis USA and very frequently had to go to bed on a half empty stomach – but on day when he was 15 he promised his mother Gladys that he would build her a dream home and call it that – Graceland! Few people remember the fact that Elvis had an identical twin that was still born and christened Jesse Garon.

Elvis received his first guitar on his 11th birthday and took to the musical instrument like a duck takes to water. However, there are people who say that Elvis never actually learned to play the guitar. Something that is really difficult to believe. His seemingly fairytale marriage to Pricilla ended in a sorrowful divorce which Elvis never really came out of. He lived his life for his daughter Lisa Marie, even though he had a few affairs but none ever culminated in marriage.

Elvis’s story is really one of rags to riches and a great eye opener to the adverse use of drugs. Elvis died of an over dose of drugs in his bathroom. It is said that Elvis was taking drugs to keep awake and at the same time taking drugs to sleep. It was his doctor who was finally fined and prosecuted for prescribing the medication that finally led to the death of the most loved entertainer in the world.

While the world does mourn the death of Elvis even 32 years later, the Elvis Presley Corporation still sells more recordings that any rock star alive or dead,. There will be arguments and counter arguments to this claim but Michael Jackson came close but never matched any of Elvis’s sale figures. Even after his death the icon sings on in millions of homes entertaining, delivering messages – and teaching people to learn from his mistakes!

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