Encourage Your Child to Read

Encourage Your Child to Read

Encourage Your Child to Read - Good Books for Children - Teach Your Child Good Reading Habits | Tips on - Find Tips“Books are our best friends”- a very old saying. However, today the kids are more inclined towards internet, television and other electronic gadgets then into books.

Even their academics include more of machines than of pages. Thus, it is a real tough job to make your child a book lover in today’s world.

Still you can try it as you are the guardian and you always plan the best for your child. In order to make him like books, read aloud to him since his childhood. Read out stories and facts that you think is arising the interest of your kid.

With time when he learns to read you, need to encourage him to read more. At such stages stop reading between stories and ask him to finish it himself. He will try to do so and will slowly develop his liking towards reading.

Do not hesitate to buy him good books often. Instead of movie DVDs and computer games spend more on books and teach him to do the same. Help your child to understand what he reads and also help him to recognize his levels at all steps.

Buy him books of his interest and do not force your likings on him. This might have an adverse effect. Discuss with your child about the books he read recently. This will rekindle his interest. Together both of you can read the same book and this will make him happier.

Take him shopping for books and encourage him to visit exhibitions and fairs related to books. This will help him develop his interest. Also, teach him to gift books to his friends on occasion and encourage him to spread the liking for books among them too.

Along with your child, you to read. This will give your child a better platform and he will get more people with whom he will discuss his hobby.

Thus, you can always turn a reluctant reader into a bookworm with the help of the above remedies.

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