Endometriosis - What is Endometriosis - Symptoms of Endometriosis - Endometriosis in Women | Tips on - Find TipsEndometriosis is a medical problem in women where the endometrial cells (the cells which line your uterine cavity) grow in any location outside the uterus, most common of which can be on the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, tissues lining the pelvis or outer surface of the intestines. They may also be found in the vagina or the cervix. These endometrial cells are under the influence of female hormones so, even when they are deposited elsewhere in the body they continue to behave as normally as they would during the menstruation period. They bleed every month but the blood has no way to get displaced and therefore, is trapped and may in turn irritate the surrounding tissues. This blood may lead to cysts as well as scar tissues.

Who may be affected?

Endometriosis is found in women during their reproductive years. Over 1 million women in the United States are reportedly affected by this. Though it is found mostly in women aged between 25-35 years, it is also found in girls as young as 11 years of age while it is rare in women in their postmenopausal phase. It is also more common in white women than in Afro-American or Asian women.


Symptoms of Endometriosis depend on the location where the cells have been implanted. Some women may not experience any symptom at all. Though not universal but its main symptoms are pelvic pain and infertility. Pain may occur just before the menstruation or during it and subsides usually after it ends. Other than this symptoms can also include
painful sex, painful bowel movements, or frequent urination sometimes accompanied by severe pain. Many women who suffer from infertility have Endometriosis. Other than these some women also experience heavy bleeding, either during their periods or in between two successive periods.

Few other symptoms are:

Nausea or Vomiting

Very short and frequent periods

Mood swings and fatigue in some cases

A condition in few women which mimics irritable bowel syndrome

Lower abdominal and back pain

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