Essentials Of Cataract Surgery

Essentials Of Cataract Surgery

Essentials Of Cataract Surgery - Painless Cataract Surgery - Vision Recovery after Cataract Surgery » Going for cataract surgery-Read thishey people, if you are thinking how safe is cataract surgery then remember that any procedure or surgery in the medical field have risks as well as benefits and cataract surgery is not different from this. But fortunately due to improved technology like stellaris, procedures like S-MICS and skills of doctors, cataract is one of the top rated surgeries in regard to excellent surgical results.

You will be surprised to read that cataract surgery is the most performed surgery in the world even more than the dental extraction procedure. This is one surgery with maximum gratifying results.

This surgery is relatively painless and last for few minutes only. It does not require painful injections around the eye in the majority of case and can be performed by simply putting one or to eye drops few minutes prior to the surgery to numb the eye.

Cataract surgery can be done at any time of the year and S-MICS technology has now made it even safer.

The visual recovery of cataract surgery can vary from a patient to patient and especially by the kind of procedure performed, in standard cataract surgery the patient may take a week or two to recover where as a standard phaco surgery, this may take 3-4 days before the patient may feel fit resume his daily routine, but the SMICS, the patient may even drive back home if he feels up to it.

Usual precautions that one should take after cataract surgery are avoiding rubbing the operated eye; avoid visiting dusty and polluted places and contact of the eye with water for a week to ten days, depending on the surgical procedure used and use of dark protective glasses when going outdoors. Diabetic patients should maintain their blood sugar after the surgery.

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