Etiquette Tips For The Modern Man

Etiquette Tips For The Modern Man

Etiquette Tips For The Modern Man - Modern Human Behaviour - Professional Etiquette Tips » Etiquette Tips For The Modern ManWhen you are out and about at social gatherings there is a certain decorum that needs to be adhered to. It is important to be familiar with them so that you do not embarrass your self unnecessarily. We offer you the following guide lines if you feel you are out of touch with what’s accepted and what’s not. Gentlemanly behaviour is a must to be accepted in gentlemen’s society. In this era of fast forward living, here is what is necessary for you to succeed in today’s world of social networking.

The first thing we would recommend to you is to always acknowledge your acquaintances. You may or may not like them as individuals but if they are going to be part of the group in which you must function learn to, not only acknowledge them but learn to be polite as well. These are small things that one must become skilled at when having to stay in the public front. To go a step forward it is also of vital importance to address people by their names and not just slap them on their backs like some old buddy. Equally important is addressing people with ranks like in the military or titles like doctors. At formal occasions it is a must, so please make sure you not only address such people correctly, but that you know their correct rank/ title.

Women must be addressed with due care as well. Always welcome them the time of the day as well as introduce your self. Normally the lady will reply with her name and from that you will be able to gauge if she is single or married. Never step down to using first names unless the lady indicates she wishes to be addressed like wise. When talking to a lady or for that matter of fact another gent, make sure you look at them when speaking to them. Equally give the other person a chance to speak. Do not just hog the spot light, it is not considered very polite.

When in company it is always the senior who is given the privilege to open a conversation. This may seem old fashioned in some way, but is still very much the fashion of the day. In fashion is also the issue of never removing your necktie or coat at such public functions. It is a big no. Never smoke in the company of a lady unless she indicates it is ok for you to do so. Lastly when you are smoking and a lady passes, please remove the cigarette or cigar from your mouth or, it is considered poor grooming.

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