Every Parent's Nightmare

Every Parent's Nightmare

Every ParentYour sweet little princess has done an about face and grown into a rebellious, strong minded teenage girl. You now have a daughter that you do not recognize anymore. As teenage girl’s hormones change and they are faced with new pressures of acceptance by their peers, teenage girls become difficult to deal with. But with some patience and understanding, you can have your daughter back. This article talks about some of the problems that occur when raising a teenage girl and how to address them.

One of the first problems that teenage girls encounter is their female sexuality. As their bodies develop and hormones change, they become curious about themselves and about boys. The change in hormones can affect the way they think and respond to different situations. All of the sudden your little girl gains an interest in boys and as her friends begin to socialize with boys, she too wants to get involved. Participating in group social events may become the center of their universe. On the other hand, teenage girls may become shy and introverted as they are uncomfortable with their new developing bodies.

To deal with a teenage girl, keep the home life as normal as possible. Make them feel comfortable at home and in their relationships with you, the parents. Keep the family close with family dinner times and leave this time open for conversation and discussion. When speaking with her though, do not pressure her or preach to her. Encourage your daughter to hang out with you one-on-one so that you can learn about what interests her and what she is going through. Let her start making decisions on her own but give her guidelines.

As a mother of a teenage girl, tell her what is was like when you were her age. Let her know that the changes she is experiencing are similar to those that you went through. Try to be her friend. Encourage your daughter to participate in safe extracurricular activities that will help her build confidence. Celebrate her successes and do not dwell on her failures or mistakes. Treat your teenage daughter with respect.

Raising a teenage daughter may be difficult at times but as she grows into a responsible young woman, all those years of heartache will be rewarded.

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