Exotic Facials Types & Benefits of an Exotic Massage » Exotic Facials : Take your pick

Exotic Facials Types & Benefits of an Exotic Massage » Exotic Facials : Take your pick

Exotic Facials Types & Benefits of an Exotic Massage » Exotic Facials : Take your pickBody and beauty care have become more important in today’s fast paced world. In addition to maintaining a healthy and fit body, individuals nowadays realize the need to look good, be it at the workplace or a social gathering.

There are thousands of beauty products and treatments to choose from. But when it comes to skin tones and complexions, the best beauty treatment would be a facial. Facials help in tightening the facial muscles in addition to detoxifying the skin. They help to exfoliate dead cells and provide the necessary nourishment for a radiant looking face.

Here are a few really popular exotic facial and face mask treatments, some of which you can even try at home. Choose a particular facial once you ascertain your skin type and watch as your face starts to glow within minutes.

Caviar spa facial: The caviar spa facial is suitable for individuals who have dry skin, crow feet, freckles and fine lines on the face. The facial treatment also works well on tanned skin.

For those who have little or no idea of what it is, caviar happens to be the egg of exotic fishes and these eggs are rich sources of minerals, lipids and proteins. These are deemed as good anti ageing products and also help in cell regeneration.

Crystal Glow Facial: The Crystal Glow Facial helps in exfoliating dead skin in addition to detoxifying and purifying the entire body. The facial uses crystal salts which have a soothing effect on the body as a whole.

A highlight of this facial treatment is the Thai Candle Detoxification procedure which involves detoxification by extracting the toxic waxes from the ear through suction.

Wine and Honey Facial: Honey is a rich source of protein and acts as a protein booster for the skin. Wine has plenty of easy to absorb minerals in addition to being rich in protein content. Apart from wine and honey, the other ingredients that are normally used in this facial include turmeric, glycerine, jojoba oil, gram flour and semolina.

Spanish Chocolate Facial: Chocolate helps the skin retain its elasticity and does wonders for parched or wrinkled skin. The facial also helps in effectively reducing dark circles under the eyes. Individuals have the option of choosing either white chocolate or dark chocolate for the facial. Both the types of chocolates have similar properties.

Jasmine and Lavender Facial: The Jasmine and Lavender Facial helps to keep skin hydrated and does the same with the help of sour curd. The facial also prevents the formation of acne in addition to cleansing oily skin faster and opening up clogged pores.

Avocado/ Aspirin Mask: This facial treatment works well for individuals who have clogged pores or skin that looks dull and lifeless. Avocados are rich sources of Vitamins A & E, and natural oils. The salicylic acid present in aspirin helps to dissolve the dead cells in addition to cleansing the pores off dirt and oil.

The facial mask can also contain egg yolks, olive oil and honey apart from avocado and aspirin. Avocado can be substituted by tomato, lemon or orange juices.

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