Eye Problems in Cats

Eye Problems in Cats

Eye Problems in Cats - Eye Diseases in Cats - Glaucoma In Cats - Cataracts in Cats | Pets & AnimalsCats and eye problems: Eyes are very touchy and vulnerable organs and many problems may harm the eyes of your cats. There are various eye problems that are found in cats like: glaucoma, cataracts, herpes, iris melanoma, conjunctivitis, PRA and sudden blindness.

Glaucoma: Glaucoma happens due to accumulation of liquids in the eye area. It is a very dangerous disease that may lead to blindness. The general outer symptoms are squinting, tearing and one pupil looking larger than the other one. If it is not treated in time the eyes may bulge and damage the retina and that may lead to blindness. If it is detected in time proper medication may save the cat from predestined blindness.

Iris Melanoma: This problem is caused by the thickening of the iris. You can detect this disease by the change of colour of iris or by a black spot in the eye. If you ever notice such spot in your cat’s eye just take him or her to a vet. Generally surgery is suggested to tackle this disease.

Cataracts: This is a very common problem that occurs due to aging. In this case vision becomes gradually blur and eye lens becomes opaque. If it is not timely and properly treated it may lead to glaucoma and ultimately blindness. Generally medicines can not help out from this situation and surgery is the best option.

PRA: It is the short form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This particular disease is hereditary and it is incurable. It is almost same as cataract. The cat’s vision very slowly and gradually decreases and leads to blindness. Due to the slow motion of the disease it is very difficult to detect as the cat slowly adapts to the change in eye sight. When it is finally detected there is no time to cure.

Other problems: Apart from the above mentioned problems there are other diseases and disorders of eyes in cats. Problems like: conjunctivitis, neonatal conjunctivitis, herpes are caused by viruses or allergic infections. If properly treated these problems can be redeemed easily.

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