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Eyeliner is used to add effects to your eye. It will give a better appearance to your eyes and is a crucial part of your make up. If you have small eye then you can make it appear larger with the help of eyeliner and similarly you can brighten your dull eyes. Eyeliners are available in different colors and types which will help to choose the best that suits your eyes.

How to Apply Eyeliner

1. You have to choose perfect eyeliner for your eyes. It must suit your eye color and shape. Plum shades and brown colored eyeliners are used to beautify dark black and brown eyes while the light colored eyes are modified with navy, brown or charcoal eyeliners.

2. Choose a type of eyeliner that matches you perfectly. Pencil eyeliners will give a soft effect to your eyes while the liquid eyeliners give a sharp and spectacular appearance.

3. You can try different colors with the help of your eye shadow. Moisten your eye shadow by dipping a moist brush in the eye shadow and apply it on the eyes. This will help you to identify the color that matches you the best.

4. On applying the eyeliner sharpen your pencil eyeliner before sketching it on the eye lid. Make small strokes to complete the eyelid instead of going for a continuous line.

5. If you are using a dark eye shadow or cake liner then make your brush wet and move it gently over the eye shadow or cake liner. Now hold the brush as if you are holding a pen.

6. Stand before a mirror and tilt your head slightly towards the back and keep your eyes half closed. This posture will helps you to apply eyeliner easily and at the same time you can watch the job in the mirror.

7. Make a line over your eyelid close to and above the eyelash. Start the line from the inner corner of the eye. Keep your eyes closed for little more time if you are using a liquid liner to avoid the spreading.

8. Remove or soften the smudges with a piece of cotton or brush.

9. Apply the liner on the lower lid by moving towards the inner side from the outer corner. A thick line at the outer corner and a thin line towards the inner corner will give a better look.

Try different styles first so that you can select a perfect one that matches your personality.

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