Face Beauty Tips & How to have Healthy Skin

Face Beauty Tips & How to have Healthy Skin

Face Beauty Tips & How to have Healthy Skin - How to Maintain Healthy Hair - Tips to Massage the Body | Tips on - Find TipsHair

Oil your hair every second day. Wash your hair twice in a week. Go for anti dandruff treatment if you have dandruff. Conditioning of hair is a must, for the hair to look healthy.


Remove the make up you have applied with cotton balls dipped in milk every night. Massage the eyes very gently with the ring finger. Give proper amount of rest to your eyes. Prevent exposure to bright sunlight for a long time.


Apply petroleum jelly to your lips. This keeps the skin soft. Apply lemon juice to remove black color of the lips. Massage your lips with coriander juice. This will make your skin soft.


Make a paste of tulsi powder and rose water and apply it on the face daily. After this becomes completely dry wash it with luke warm water. Within 15 days you will have a very glowing skin which looks very healthy. Before you go to bed daily remove the make up, wash your face and apply petroleum jelly to your face. This makes your skin soft. After a facial if your skin is still rough apply glycerin lightly on to your face. Ask your beautician before you do this.

Hands and legs

Manicure and pedicure your hands and legs properly every month. Twice a day, once after bath and once before going to bed, apply body lotion liberally throughout your body. If body lotion is not available you can try a gentle baby lotion also.


IF you have cracked heels, you can put petroleum jelly and massage it well. Continue doing this every day for 15 days. All the cracks will be closed. To maintain these legs wear slippers even in the house. Remove scars on your hands and legs by applying lemon peel. For cracked hands use a mixture of glycerin and lime juice in equal proportions.


Massage your body with oil mixed with your favorite scented oil like rosemary.

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