Facial Exercise Can Make You Look Younger

Facial Exercise Can Make You Look Younger

Facial Exercise Can Make You Look Younger - Exercise Your Face to Look Younger - What are the benefits of Facial Exercises? | Tips on - Find TipsFacial exercise means stretching and relaxing face muscles to improve elasticity and hence tighten the skin. There are some people who fear to do this as they think that it will result in the face and neck wrinkles. But, facial exercises, if practiced regularly, can improve look and appeal of the face.

Face muscles are directly attached with the skin that covers them. With the age, facial skin starts to lose their tone and elasticity. Facial exercises improve blood circulation and tone the face firmness.

How to do Facial exercises:

1. Sit straight and close the eyes. Take one minute to relax and after that stretch the eyebrows little up, keep them there only for two seconds. After that let them relax for two seconds. Now wide open the eyes and keep like that for two seconds. Repeat these two exercises ten times.

2. Open your mouth wide and stretch as much as you are comfortable. Keep like that for two seconds, close it, and relax for one second. Repeat this for ten times.

3. Sit straight, look upwards towards ceiling, keep lips closed and start chewing. Repeat this for 20 times. It will reduce the double chin.

4. For neck, move your head in clockwise direction for five times and then anti-clockwise direction for five times. Relax for five seconds. Repeat this exercise for ten times.

5. Tapping the face with light hand is also a good exercise which one can practice to improve the blood circulation.

Benefits of Facial Exercise:

• It keeps you looking young and wrinkle free. It also removes puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

• This is free and painless process to lessen the wrinkles as compare to face surgery.

• You can practice it anywhere, anytime.

Do not forget that regular practice of any exercise will give good results. Once you achieve the results, keep on doing it regularly.

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