Facial Hair Removal For Women

Facial Hair Removal For Women

Facial Hair Removal For Women - Techniques To Remove Unwanted Female Facial HairUnwanted facial hair, also called hirsuitism, causes embarrassment as they are considered unaesthetic and causes emotional burden in women leading to anxiety., depression and distress. It generally occurs due the presence of excess male hormones in a women’s body. In many cases, it is a hereditary problem. In some women, it is caused due to androgen over production and metabolic and endocrine disorders. In most women, unwanted hair growth is mostly found on the mustache and chin area.

Whatever underlying condition is causing the growth of unwanted hair on the face, it must be treated. No single method of hair removal can be appropriate for all patients. Method adopted will depend on the underlying cause, amount of hair growth, patient’s personal choice and age. If the problem is hormonal, hormonal therapy may work to control the imbalance. Other inexpensive ways of removing unwanted facial hair growth are waxing, tweezing, and discoloration with peroxide or shaving which has temporary effect. Eflornithine cream can be used topically on chin and mustache area to reduce the rate of hair growth.

The cosmetic hair removal which is a permanent solution to facial hair removal is electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Waxing: Waxing is done conveniently by applying a layer of melted wax in the area of where there is excess hair. As the hair gets affixed, the application is pulled off instantly in the opposite direction to remove hair. Waxing can be done easily at home with best results. Cold wax is available in the form of strips which are very easy to use. But some women experience irritation and, redness in their skin. Sugar waxing is also done in the same way to remove unwanted facial hair.

Tweezing and Threading:
Another easy method is tweezing. But it consumes lot of time and needs practice. Hair growth last for 2 to 6 weeks in this process. Unwanted hair can be removed by threading. If hair growth is less, this method can work.

It can lighten the hair growth. Many bleaching products are available in the market which can be applied on face, neck and, upper lips.But make sure it suits your skin by doing a test before applying.

Shaving is not the suitable process for facial hair removal for women. It will make the hair more noticeable.

Hair inhibitors:
They do not remove hair; they just slow down or inhibit the growth of hair. They are available in the form of gel or cream.

This method gives a permanent solution to facial hair removal. It removes hair by destroying the hair follicle by applying electric shock. But it must be done under the guidance of a skilled physician. It is undoubtedly a costlier procedure.

Laser hair removal:
It is the best but costliest method of getting rid of facial hair. With the help of laser beam hair follicle is destroyed. To avoid any type of burn and scar, it should be done only by a trained professional.

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