FAQ in Interviews

FAQ in Interviews

FAQ in Interviews - Interview FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews - Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews with Answers | Tips on - Find TipsFrequently Asked Common Questions with Answers

Tell me something about yourself?

This is the most commonly asked question. Have a short answer ready in your mind. Tell everything from the time you passed out from college till date in chronological order. Let this be short and sweet.

Why should I hire you?

Don’t hesitate to tell that, you are of course the best fit for the job, because you have the required experience and expertise in that particular field. If you can back it up by giving some appreciation letters, awards nothing like it.

Why do you want a change in the career or why did you leave your previous job?

Be very careful when you answer this question. This is a very tricky question. Never say anything negative about the previous company or any person there. Just say that you want a switch over only for better prospects it could be salary or work wise. If you blame something or somebody in the previous job, it shows that your attitude is not proper and may be you will be rejected there and then itself.

What experience do you have in this field?

Never lie to this question. Though you get this job, lot of reference checking goes on, then you will surely be caught, or during your tenure if you are proved to have lied then you might be sacked. So never lie. Tell only those many years of experience you actually have.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Make sure that you make it a point to tell that you will be in the same company even after 5 years and in a directorial position or a managerial position. You can also tell that you want to be an expert in a particular field. This question is more to check your stability and far thinking.

Are you a team player?

Your answer should be an obvious yes. Because any job small or big needs team efforts. An individual effort which enhances and helps the team is the key for success in any organization. So make sure to tell that you are a team player and love and enjoy working with people.

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