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Fashion movie

Fashion movie - Movie story - Geetanjali nagpal Life - Gay fashion designers » Fashion Is A Sequence Controversies From The Glam WorldThe much hyped and eagerly awaited movie alleged based on one-time ramp-model Gitanjali’s life, whose lost-and-found story on the streets of an Indian metropolitan city and then back home to the security of a family life seems more miraculous than skin-whitening creams advertised on telly, titled ‘Fashion’ seems to be the stuff controversies are made of!

Even before the movie was started, there was so much speculation about it being based on Gitanjali’s life and how ‘unethical’ and ‘insensitive’ it was of the filmmaker (Madhur Bhandarkar) to ‘get inspired’ by someone’s tragic circumstances (Gitanjali was found wandering the streets in rags and tatters and obviously unfit mental condition by a journalist who recognized her face and then was restored to her family fold, thanks to combined efforts of NGOs and women’s right activists besides her own people looking out for her).

Though the filmmaker denied the association with real-life model Gitanjali’s life and times as inspiration for his movie straight out, it is true that Kangana plays a model who ends up on the streets leading a wasted life, much like Gitanjali Nagpal. Thus, the subjects for his films having always been controversial (e.g. Mumbai’s dance bars, high society parties and the corporate cut-throat world of business etc.) and that’s why the media looks for more such in his latest movie focusing on the fashion fraternity where he has been said to have shown the seedier side of a creative, beautiful world.

Fashion revolves around an ambitious small town girl (played by Priyanka Chopra) who dreams of being a supermodel, her struggles, her achievement of her goals, the people she meets in her journey towards success and many other touching, shocking and believable events that the fashion industry could hardly deny as being part of their domain.

Some of these instances include gay fashion designers luring male models with the promise of a break, models doping on cocaine and their stressed-out lives, wardrobe malfunctions and designers stealing patterns from their rivals, besides business tycoons insisting models take to the casting couch if they want the former to ensure their success, all of which make ‘Fashion’ the movie seem bent on sensationalism as opposed to striving for realism.

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