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Fashion Secrets - How to Look Slim - How to Wear Killer High Heels - How To Look Taller » Fashion SecretsWho among us doesn’t have a few bulges we would love to unload? Those extra 10 or 15 pounds are tough to lose. While they may not make us obese, they do stop us from being a perfect 10.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know a few tricks to fool the world into thinking we look better than we actually do? I’m talking about some secret, perhaps even sneaky, things we can do to look fine while we are slaving to lose the weight. Keep reading if you dare.

Look slim from head to toe

Choose clothing that is all black. It’s no secret that black slims you from head to toe. If you don’t like black, then choose another dark shade, but make sure you stick to that same color all over.

Flabby arms

Try wearing full or three-quarter length sleeves to hide your flabby arms. Stay away from short or flesh-hugging sleeves because they make your arms look bigger.


In order to minimize your bust line (if you are lucky enough to be blessed), draw attention away from it by wearing dangly earrings or a choker around your neck. Avoid wearing necklaces that hang down to your chest because they draw attention to it.

Be sure your shirts don’t have flashy buttons or unique necklines. Choose printed fabrics over solid colors that might have pictures stamped or embossed on the front center.

Horizontal stripes do nothing but make you look wider so opt for vertical stripes instead for a slimmer, taller appearance.

Bigger-than-average Belly

If your belly is big, wear well-fitted pants that are loose in the waistline. Tight pants accentuate the belly, making you look like you’re hiding a spare tire.

Avoid shirts that are fitted on the bottom and choose a straight-across cut instead. Peasant blouses are great choices because they draw attention away from your waist and back to your chest.

Tall is slimming

You don’t have to wear killer high heels to look taller. If you match your shoe color to your pants color (instead of to your shirt), your legs will appear longer.

Skirts and pants that fall to mid-calf make short legs look shorter so choose long pants or short skirts for a longer look.

Wearing the same color all over will lengthen your look, but if you prefer printed fabrics in shirts, make sure they contain a lot of the same exact color as your solid pants. Wearing contrasting colors makes you appear shorter.

One final thought

Learn to focus on your good qualities (and yes, you do have many of them). Emphasize your good attributes (legs, neck, etc.) and draw attention away from the ones you don’t like. Above all else, always dress comfortably and in a style you feel good about.

If you can walk out the door feeling good about the way you look, then everyone else will, too. Think positive and your self-confidence will soar.

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